What are the risks of using heated mattress pads?

Many claims have been made on the dangers of heated mattress pads which are used by most people, especially patients at the hospice to get warmth during the cold seasons. While some have truth, others are totally baseless and should not be trusted. In this article, we will look at some of the claims and using studies and research done, we will conclude whether they are baseless or true.

  1. Heated mattress pads will cause breast cancer

Claims have been made that electric and magnetic waves from heated mattress pads can cause breast cancer. While studies have revealed that the pads do indeed produce EMFs, there are no substantive conclusions to show that indeed those EMFs are responsible for breast cancer.

Using the pads cannot therefore be said to fully cause cancer. There could be other factors at play.

2. Heated pads and blankets will cause impotency

It is true that using heated pads can cause impotency. A man’s body requires low temperature around the groin for spermatogenesis to take place. With heated mattress pads, the balls are on fire and this heat is just too much to allow for the synthesis of sperms.

3. They can cause fires

Rolling and keeping the blankets in a crumbled way has been shown to be a potential fire breakout threat.

4. They are not good for diabetic patients

Diabetic patients will not know when the heat is too much for their bodies since they are most times numb. This way, they could get burnt without noticing since their nerve system is dead.

5. Not good for kids

Not all kids should sleep under heated mattress pads because of burns.

6. Washing with water can cause electrocution

Anything can go wrong when you wash the pads with water and it does not fully dry.


Using heated mattress pads is not such a bane as claimed and you can use them for patients on your best hospital bed for home use.

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