Leadership & Management Development

Understanding the key competencies required by your leaders to build capacity within your organization.  Through this analysis a unique programme will be developed, ideally delivered over a period of time to fully maximise absorption of critical skills/competencies before moving to the next.

We know that any learning intervention that is part of a well-intergrated and synthesised learning journey allows the learner to fully potentialise their capability.

Our five learning principles

Every learning event delivered by Engage is designed around 5 principles, aimed to provide the delegate with a learning experience that is:
1. Tailor Made

Delegates will be bale to make a direct link between the learning event content and their work environment and immediate find opportunities to apply their learning.

2. Experiential

Using the latest accelerated learning techniques, delegates will learn by doing and actively practate in the learning event that will be 70% experiential.

3. Engaging

Delegates will experience a motivational learning environment.

4. Challenging

Delegates will be challenged, helping them to take the leap and try different apraoches.

5. Measurable

A journey that builds sustainable results for the delegage and the organisation.

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