Will I be able to sleep after using Phenq?

So,  someone came to me on skype asking me about phenq. They wanted to know whether after using the diet pills they would be able to sleep. You see in the supplement’s website, they pin point at caffeine as one of the ingredients. And we all know the side effects of taking too much caffeine–you end up insomniatic and anxious and it shows in your daily activities. So, is there a way out. Again in our post on Why use Phenq pills, we did not talk about the side effects which every weight loss supplement usually has.

Well, this is not an isolated case. Infact, I have seen this fear in many people on different phenq forums where people complain that they are spending the whole night turning and tossing in bed, which is really bad if you are like me who believe that an adult requires at least 7 hours of sleep for them to be profitable the next day. So as I am going through this, it occurs to me that the phenq website has also noted that use of caffeine might not be really good as far as sleeplessness is concerned. So, why include it?

will i sleep after phenq use


Well, they have clearly warned their customers that the phenq pills should not be used past 3.00pm. why? Because you need to prepare your body to sleep. Phenq pack has sixty tablets and you ought to take 2 per day–one in the morning after breakfast and the other before 3.00pm. When you take past 3.pm you might be affected by the caffeine and end up not sleeping.

  1. Lack of sleep is not a good thing. For one, it affects your productivity.
  2. It affects your hormonal release. Men who sleep for less hours have complained that they end up having lower testosterone levels. Why? The body needs to rest so as to release hormones. Without a rest, you will find yourself with more estrogen than testosterone. Now estrogen makes you more fat while testosterone makes you have muscles.
  3. Sleep deprivation can also make you have a low immune system.
  4. Lack of sleep has been linked to accidents as drivers lack focus and concentration
  5. It makes your skin older as it is not rejuvenated enough. eyes might also get bloodshot.

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