Stubborn fat burn: The alpha 2 and beta 2 receptors concept

As one of the best fat burners, phenq burns even the stubborn fats in your body. You see after going to the gym, eating proteins and avoiding alcohol and doing everything in the live healthy book, you still find that there are some fats that will simply not go. They are mostly around the stomach area in men where they find that they have a beer belly.stubborn fat man

Women on the other hand find that they have love handles that they simply cannot get rid of. So, what should you do? Well, I will not advise you to do press-ups and sit up benches because I am double sure that you have been told that and tried it. I will however try to explain why you have stubborn fat in the first place before I go ahead to explain how you can get rid of it.

What to do if you have stubborn fats

Well stubborn fats come because of alpha 2 receptors being over active in your body. You see cells have different types of receptors that receive different things be it food, oxygen, pathogens, antibiotics etc. Now the alpha 2 receptors receive fat and refuse to let it go. They also make the blood pressure go low such that metabolism is at the rock bottom.

With hyperactive alpha 2 receptors, you find that you are not really able to burn fat no matter how hard you try. Why? Because the fat is held by the alpha 2 receptors. Unless suppressed or blocked, the alpha 2 receptors make obese people remain that way no matter how hard they train since their rate of metabolism is usually curtailed.

The converse of alpha 2 receptors are the beta 2 receptors that help in fat burn and also increase your blood pressure. Now the beta 2 receptors make it possible for your body to burn fat. People with hyperactive beta 2 receptors find it hard to grow fat unless they are suppressed. That explains why some people never get fat no matter how unhealthy they live. Their metabolism is always on overdrive.

What to do with hyperactive alpha 2 receptors

As we have mentioned, if your alpha 2 receptors are on overdrive, you will never be able to get lean. So you need to block them. Fortunately some weight loss supplement such as eviodamine and yohimbine can help you

What to do with docile beta 2 receptors

We also said that to get rid of fats you can activate your beta 2 receptors. Well, with phenq, you are assured of a win since it activates your docile beta 2 receptors.

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