Organisation Culture and Transformation

Successful organisations realize that by establishing a brand culture that makes employees feel aligned to the company’s goals and nurtures a sense of belonging they can increase both commitment and retention among their population.

This, in turn, leads to you being able to move your employees from apathy towards the organisation as a whole, to becoming active advocacies of its brand, qualities, again reinforcing your ability to attract and retain talented employees and customers.

Organisational Structure & Design

Organisational environments are constantly changing and your organisation structure needs to be adaptable in order to capture growth opportunities. We can help you in designing the most effective organisation structure able to deliver on your strategic objectives.

At Engage,we have extensive experience with organisational design as well as organisation transformation and implementing the new organizational structure with a minimum impact on your employee and maximum effect in the market place.

Leadership and Strategy

Studies reveal that CEO’s of high performing teams, set a clear direction, build commitment in the team and create alignment in the organisation.

Through our Strategic Business Alignment workshop and consultancy we can support you developing an approach that focuses on building a high performance team through having a clear direction and alignment, high levels of emotional commitment, openness and trust, and a strong external focus.

Talent Management

Attracting and retaining talent is viewed by 75% of CEO’s as their number one priority. As a result, engaging, retaining talent and building a high performance company is ‘holy grail’ for both CEO and HR professionals.

Engage Human Resources provides consultancy services to organisations in building high performance companies and retaining talent through diagnosis, analysis, strategy design and implementation.

We track the progress of your organisation’s ability to engage its leadership team and its talent and the organisation at large.