Hospital Bed Entrapment and How to Prevent it

Bed entrapment is where a patient on a hospital bed gets stuck. Toddlers are also susceptible to bed entrapment. Studies show that patients who are highly likely to get entrapped include:

  1. Those suffering from dementia
  2. Those who are easily agitated
  3. Those who like doing things on their own without calling for help

The FDA has already listed entrapment as risky for most patients on these beds. It has therefore given out recommendations to bed manufacturers, home care givers and anyone near the ailing patient on preventing these hazards.

Recommendations to bed manufacturers

In their report, the FDA called to bed manufacturers to exercise caution and due diligence so as to prevent injuries and deaths on the patients who bought their hospital beds. Rails for example should not be made big enough that one can get stuck there.

Recommendations to home care givers

Home care givers were asked to check whether their patients needed bed side rails or not. If a patient can be able to take themselves to the toilet and back to bed without help, then they do not need side rails. The only thing you might require in such a case are bedside mats so that the patient would not get injured incase they fall at night.

Patients who easily get agitated or suffer from mental health should be checked regularly just in case they start wandering on their own or want to get out of bed without assistance since they are possible candidates of bed entrapment.

Types of bed entrapment

There are seven zones of bed entrapment

Zone 1 Within the bed rails
Zone 2 Under the rails next to one rail
Zone 3 Between rail and mattress
Zone 4 Under rail and end of rails
Zone 5 Between the split bed rails
Zone 6 Between end of rail and head/foot board
Zone 7 Between edge of mattress and head/foot board

We have pointed out that bed rails can be dangerous in causing bed entrapment. So should one ditch that bed rail that they were using for their elderly since it might cause bed entrapment? My answer is a simple No. Why? Because bed rails are themselves great in protecting your patient from falls.

Therefore the only way to prevent these falls as well as prevent entrapment is to install bed bumpers and make sure that the space between the rails is not big enough for the patient to fit in.

Preventive Mechanisms for each of the bed entrapment zones

Zone 1 Use a posey padded side rail protector
Zone 2 Use bed bumpers
Zone 3 Use bed bumpers
Zone 4 Use bed bumpers
Zone 5 Use full rails
Zone 6 Use a mattress wedge
Zone 7 Use of wedges and mattress extenders

Bed bumpers for adult patients

After reading the bed entrapment standards that were laid down by the FDA and the Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup in 2006 about bed entrapment, I decided that it would be better safe than sorry. So, I decided to buy bed bumpers for my grannies hospital bed. But hey, the hustle that it took me to get one.

You see a bed bumper is a foamy cylindrical object that you place on either edge of the mattress so that your patient does not

  1. Fall over
  2. Get entrapped between the side rails or under the side rails against the mattress.

In the explanation videos of all the bumpers that I wanted to buy, the videos were really nice and explained how the bumper would would. I was however dissatisfied when the actual product arrived home. For one the product was not foamy as I had been led to believe. It was a piece of canvas tubing that I was supposed to pump air into so that it would increase in height and I would use it as the bumper.

The disappointment did not just stop there. It went on. I also found out that the canvas thing really smelled. Yes, it did stink badly and the patient would not stand it. So I tried to clean it but lo, it was all in vain. The bad odor still remained.

Since the patient would only puke when they came into close contact with it, I decided to use it on my own normal bed. And things went on well until I discovered that it made my skin itch. As though that was not enough, the canvas tubing began to shrank. Yes, I was so annoyed since even after pumping on it, it would not stay full since it had leaks on its seams.

I just felt as though I had been ripped off my hard earned money. So I contacted support and they were the slowest and unprofessional sales people that I have ever come across.

I would never advise anyone to buy those canvas tubing again. Never, if you want the best bed bumpers, look out for those that are made of foam and make sure that you get the foamy one. No BS.


What are the ideal features to look for in a Convertible Cribs?


Maybe it is the first time you’re hearing about a convertible crib. In simple term, it is a baby cot that can be transformed to a different kind of bed when your baby grows. You can use it as a toddler bed, full size bed or even a day time bed therefore can be used by your child for many years.


Why a convertible crib is important


They are cost effective because once you purchase it your baby can use it through his childhood therefore you won’t be needed to buy another one but rather transform it making it environmentally and economically friendly. It is also of high quality lasting for long and very easy transitioning it to a bed.



Instances that may drive you not to buy one


As much as convertible crib may be used for a long time it is very expensive than other cribs but if you can afford it at the time then it is worth to invest in. In case you are considering buying a bigger bed when your baby becomes a toddler then there is no need of buying it. Lack of space for a big bed may also be a limitation for you to obtain one thus a standard crib may just be fine. At every stage of conversion different pieces are also required which may be expensive.


Types of convertible cribs to choose from


Toddler day bed-during conversion the front rail is removed leaving open the front of the crib. This is suitable for older toddlers but you can also choose to use it as toddler bed. Your baby is able to enter and leave the bed with ease and you can also still use the same beddings. Safety rail is however recommended since your baby might fall out of the bed.


Toddler bed-You can always convert to this once your baby becomes more active as he can easily get out. The front rail of the crib or drop-side in this case is removed and replaced with a guard safety designed for toddlers. The same mattress can still be used. Due to availability of toddler safety rail and the crib then I recommend this over the day time bed since it is safer.


Twin bed-They are mini-sized and lasts your toddler for years. It can convert to a twin bed which is perfect before considering getting a full bed. The front and back panels are used as head and footboard securing them with wooden or metal rails. You will have to purchase another mattress to fit in the bed.


Full or double bed-This is great for children who are more independent. Use the front and back panels for the headboard and footboard. Depending on the type of the crib then you can use full bed rails or metal frames which are full-sized. A full size mattress is also required and in this case always involves your child when shopping for this.


Conversion pieces are sometimes sold with the crib or separately. You can always purchase the piece that fits your bed option .Always buy them when purchasing the crib since they may not be available after sometime as styles change over time.


Features to look for in a Convertible Crib


Conversion kits should be available-to ensure that when the time to do the conversion comes you will have an easy time.


It should not fold but rather be permanent and stable suitable for use as a nursery crib for your baby.


It should be eco-friendly by having materials, woods and finishes that will not harm your baby.


An under crib storage drawer is also necessary to enable you store your baby’s stuff and find them easily whenever you need them.


Wheels are ideal if you intent to move it around the house and also makes it easier to change linens and clean under it. It should however have a solid and a good locking mechanism since other kids may be tempted to push it around thus endangering the baby. A changing table is most suitable as it helps you save space.


The crib must allow you adjust the mattress by adjusting the height to suit your baby depending on how much active they are.


When buying your best convertible cribs, always consider what you would want them to convert to. Also consider the price of conversion kits required at each stage of conversion before buying it to make sure that you can afford it when required. Conversion pieces are sometimes sold with the crib or separately. You can always purchase the pieces that fit your bed option .Always buy them when purchasing the crib since they may not be available after sometime as styles change over time.



How an oil filter works

Oil filters are very crucial to any vehicle as they assist the engine in a number of ways. First, it bridges the gap between the cylinder walls and the piston ring, transfers heat therefore cooling the engine, and most importantly, filters out impurities. Contaminants can be both organic and inorganic and often get sucked into the engine while it is running. Luckily, oil filters prevents the engine oil from saturating from these combustion byproducts.

The best oil filter contains several essential parts that allows it to protect the engine system. Knowing the functions of these parts will help you get a clear understanding of how this device works. These parts include;

  • Tapping gasket

Engine oil gets in and out of the oil filter from here. It consist of a hole at center that is surrounded by small holes. Engine oil goes in through the smaller holes that are at the edge of the tapping gasket and leaves through the hole at the center.

  • Anti-drain back valve

This one looks like a flap and comes as a valve that prevents engine oil from leaking into the oil filter when the vehicle is not in motion.

  • Filter membrane

This is where the actual filtration takes place. This medium is made of microscopic synthetic and cellulose fibers that actually trap the impurities in the oil before it reaches the engine. In an attempt to increase its efficiency, it is pleated.

  • Center steel tubes

This is where the refined oil passes back to the engine.

  • Relief valve

In most cases when the temperatures are low, engine oil gets very dense and thick and cannot therefore pass through the filter membrane. This valve permits some small amount of unrefined oil to get to the engine in order to fulfill the need of lubrication. Once the engine starts, it produces heat which warms up the oil making it less dense. This means it can pass through the filter as it is supposed to.

  • End discs

These are situated on both sides of the filter membrane and help keep the unrefined oil from getting to the steel tube and reaching the engine.

How an oil filter works

In summary, here’s how an oil filter works. An oil filter is simply a metal can on the outside. It is held tightly against the surface of the engine by a sealing gasket. Inside the sealing gasket is a tapping plate that is perforated with many small holes. At the middle of this gasket lies a central hole which mates with the filter on the engine. A filter membrane is found inside the can that is usually made of cellulose fibers. The engine’s pump takes the oil to the filter, where it gets into the perforations of the tapping gasket. The unfiltered oil then passes through the filter membrane and exits through the central hole after which it re-enters the engine as clean oil.

Wrap up

Having an oil filter can save you a great deal of money and knowing how it works can help you ensure that the filter is working efficiently and effectively. In recent times, engines can run up to 10,000 miles without needing an oil change. Oil filters are not only designed to trap impurities but also keep the refined and unrefined oil in their separate and proper sections. Knowing the features found in a filter and what they do can help you decide which filter is best fitted for your vehicle.

Finally, remember to check out this detailed guide on the best oil filter for synthetic oil on Autoptical.