Reviewing the Gyenno Spoon for People With Parkinson’s Disease

Genuine Review of the Gyenno Parkinson’s Spoon

We have already looked at how PD patients can better their lives with compression vests that lower their anxiety levels. In today’s post, we will be looking at one of the most bought products by Parkinson’s patients; it is the smart spoon by Gyenno that has been said to be effective in lowering the hand tremors by 85%.

The Gyenno spoon has been said to be a great invention that has truly improved the lives of Parkinson’s patients.

Contents that Come to You when you buy this spoon

When you buy the Gyenno spoon from Amazon, expect the following to be delivered to you:

  • 1 Gyenno spoon
  • An intelligent hand shank
  • Charging cable and one charging box
  • A packing box

How to test whether you need to use Gyenno Spoon for Parkinson’s tremors

Not everyone with PD is suitable to use the gyenno dining spoon. If your tremors are just too much, then you might have to look for a caregiver to feed you. These spoons are not meant for people whose Parkinson’s disease has progressed so much as to lower their hand dexterity much.

So, we learn how you can test whether your patient will be viable to use the gyenno spoon.

  1. Take a white A4 paper
  2. Cut out a square box at the centre of the A4 sized paper measuring 7 inches by 7 inches. You will use a ruler and pair of scissors to do this.
  3. Hold out the A4 paper infront of the patient.
  4. Ask them to hold a pen and place it at the centre of the cut out paper.

If the tremors are so much as to have the person touching the edges of the 7 by 7 inches square, then their shaking is too much

If the person has tremors but does not touch the edges of the square with the pen, then they are good enough to use the gyenno anti-shake spoon.

What we loved about the Gyenno Spoon

  1. The spoon offsets 85% of your tremors thereby stabilizing your hand so that you do not have to tremor so much.
  2. It is made with Tritan safe materials and therefore the patient does not need to feel anxious while feeding with this spoon.
  3. The battery is sustainable and you can use it for two meals. It runs for a total of 180 minutes which would be sufficient to eat two or three meals even for the slowest of eaters.
  4. It has high temperature resistance and so you do not have to worry that your spoon might get destroyed while eating hot soup.

What I did not like about the Gyenno Parkinson’s spoon

  1. It was premium priced with the cost going for as much as $189 which is too high for some poor people who are battling with PD and on top of buying such utensils, they also have to buy levodopa, sinemet medications, think of going through DBS operations and get adaptive clothing to improve their lives.

I would rather advise my readers to check out other cheaper alternatives of  anti-shake spoons on Hosiped if they feel that the Gyenno spoon is rather too expensive

Do Compression Vests work for Autistic and Parkinson’s Patients?

Compression Vests Help you feel Relaxed and Less Anxious

There is always one unanswered question among people with  Parkinson’s disease (PD) and autism. So they ask, ” Do compression vests work?”

While I was researching for adaptive clothing for Parkinson’s patients, I found out some articles claiming that compression vests would help people suffering from anxiety. You see one of the most common symptom affecting Parkinson’s patients is anxiety. Neurologists say that once the dopamine producing neurons stop doing so, there is a chemical alteration in the brain that causes the patients to start getting anxious, stressed as well as depressed. This also affects their sleep patterns where they are likely to spend the whole night not feeling sleepy(insomnia) as well as tendency to feel sleepy during the day.

Do Compression Vests Work According to Research

Now research on the effectiveness of compression and weighted vests show that they are good in making the wearer feel calm and relaxed. It is as though someone is giving you a big, warm bear hug and this gets you relaxed and feeling loved and cared for. Parents who have autistic and ADHD kids have been doing this for a long time where they get them some weighted jackets as well as weighted lap pads that make the kid concentrate and stop being fidgety in class. In Germany for example, parents have been buying these weighted jackets filled with sand to their sensory processing disorder kids and the results have been amazing. My question then was that if the garments were working for kids, would they as well work for adults.

And the best way would be to try them out. So, I had this patient who had been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for four years. He had serious tremors and was at most times anxious because of the disease. So, I wanted to test whether the weighted compression vests would work for this case to make the patient calm as well as feel relaxed. Before this, I had tried medications but you will find that PD medications usually take time before they kick in. Levodopa for example will take sometime before its effect can be seen in the body. We call this on and off moments when on is when the drug has kicked in and ‘off’ is when it is has not taken effect.

So how did the compression vest perform

I was awed trying the Harkla compression vest on my PD patient. At first the patient complained that it was way too heavy for them and seemed very apprehensive to try it out which made me more worried wondering how it would help make the patient relaxed yet here they were apprehensive about trying the jacket out.

But I convinced the old man telling him that it would help him feel calm. Now if there was one thing that this old man was hating about PD is that he felt worried and anxious almost all the time but especially at night time when everyone was asleep and he could not sleep a wink. His legs would feel restless, he would act out in his dreams and he always said that he had so many nightmares. So telling him that the jacket would make him relaxed was all the convicing that he needed. He bought the idea and we went on try it on him but on the promise that he would ditch it if it did not help things.

I am so glad that we tried it out. The guy started recording immediate signs of change. He looked more relaxed and less anxious. He was also able to battle his insomnia and in no time, he was sleeping like a baby; soundly and peacefully.

Parkinson’s Patient Reactions to the weighted jacket

He appeared more happier and when I asked him how he felt, this is what he had to say:

I love the weighted jacket. Though heavy when starting out, I found out that it is very relaxing. It feels as though someone is giving me a warm hug and with me through my Parkinson’s journey to comfort me. I now sleep better and my nightmares are less when wearing the jacket. It is time now I also thought of the anxiety weighted blankets that are equally helpful.

The Best 3 rated abdominal exercise equipment in 2018

Abs. We all want them chiseled and well shaped, right?

However, this is just but a dream to many people who have love handles are ever wondering how they can get better abs. Well in this article, I will talk about the best rated abdominal exercise equipment on amazon as I discovered them in a blog that I was going through.

Best Ab Workout Machines

  1. Swiss ball

The swiss ball or stability ball is very popular among women who are looking to those those obliques. It involves sitting as well as other exercises such as wall squats, press ups among others.

It comes with a pump so that you are able to inflate it with ease. Choose one that does not have an odor because I have found out that some have bad PVC smell that can make you nauseous.

You should also look for one that is anti-skid such that when you start exercising with it, it does not move about but hold in one position.

There are those that are substandard made with bad material and could burst after a very short period of time.

2. Bench press

The bench press is one of the most versatile gym equipment. With it you will be able to do all sorts of exercises that involve the abs.

It should be ergonomic, accomodate your height as well as be very durable. You do not want one that will have its parts snap away after few days of use.

I like those with cushion knee pads so that when you sit on them you do not hurt your knees. And who wants to hurt theirs anyway.

3. Kettlebells

The kettlebell is just like a dumb bell but the difference is the way it is shaped. Suited for abs, the kettle bell exercises involve lifting around your handles so that they can become less and less and finally fade away.


Will I be able to sleep after using Phenq?

So,  someone came to me on skype asking me about phenq. They wanted to know whether after using the diet pills they would be able to sleep. You see in the supplement’s website, they pin point at caffeine as one of the ingredients. And we all know the side effects of taking too much caffeine–you end up insomniatic and anxious and it shows in your daily activities. So, is there a way out. Again in our post on Why use Phenq pills, we did not talk about the side effects which every weight loss supplement usually has.

Well, this is not an isolated case. Infact, I have seen this fear in many people on different phenq forums where people complain that they are spending the whole night turning and tossing in bed, which is really bad if you are like me who believe that an adult requires at least 7 hours of sleep for them to be profitable the next day. So as I am going through this, it occurs to me that the phenq website has also noted that use of caffeine might not be really good as far as sleeplessness is concerned. So, why include it?

will i sleep after phenq use


Well, they have clearly warned their customers that the phenq pills should not be used past 3.00pm. why? Because you need to prepare your body to sleep. Phenq pack has sixty tablets and you ought to take 2 per day–one in the morning after breakfast and the other before 3.00pm. When you take past you might be affected by the caffeine and end up not sleeping.

  1. Lack of sleep is not a good thing. For one, it affects your productivity.
  2. It affects your hormonal release. Men who sleep for less hours have complained that they end up having lower testosterone levels. Why? The body needs to rest so as to release hormones. Without a rest, you will find yourself with more estrogen than testosterone. Now estrogen makes you more fat while testosterone makes you have muscles.
  3. Sleep deprivation can also make you have a low immune system.
  4. Lack of sleep has been linked to accidents as drivers lack focus and concentration
  5. It makes your skin older as it is not rejuvenated enough. eyes might also get bloodshot.

Stubborn fat burn: The alpha 2 and beta 2 receptors concept

As one of the best fat burners, phenq burns even the stubborn fats in your body. You see after going to the gym, eating proteins and avoiding alcohol and doing everything in the live healthy book, you still find that there are some fats that will simply not go. They are mostly around the stomach area in men where they find that they have a beer belly.stubborn fat man

Women on the other hand find that they have love handles that they simply cannot get rid of. So, what should you do? Well, I will not advise you to do press-ups and sit up benches because I am double sure that you have been told that and tried it. I will however try to explain why you have stubborn fat in the first place before I go ahead to explain how you can get rid of it.

What to do if you have stubborn fats

Well stubborn fats come because of alpha 2 receptors being over active in your body. You see cells have different types of receptors that receive different things be it food, oxygen, pathogens, antibiotics etc. Now the alpha 2 receptors receive fat and refuse to let it go. They also make the blood pressure go low such that metabolism is at the rock bottom.

With hyperactive alpha 2 receptors, you find that you are not really able to burn fat no matter how hard you try. Why? Because the fat is held by the alpha 2 receptors. Unless suppressed or blocked, the alpha 2 receptors make obese people remain that way no matter how hard they train since their rate of metabolism is usually curtailed.

The converse of alpha 2 receptors are the beta 2 receptors that help in fat burn and also increase your blood pressure. Now the beta 2 receptors make it possible for your body to burn fat. People with hyperactive beta 2 receptors find it hard to grow fat unless they are suppressed. That explains why some people never get fat no matter how unhealthy they live. Their metabolism is always on overdrive.

What to do with hyperactive alpha 2 receptors

As we have mentioned, if your alpha 2 receptors are on overdrive, you will never be able to get lean. So you need to block them. Fortunately some weight loss supplement such as eviodamine and yohimbine can help you

What to do with docile beta 2 receptors

We also said that to get rid of fats you can activate your beta 2 receptors. Well, with phenq, you are assured of a win since it activates your docile beta 2 receptors.

Why use phenq pills

I did a survey of the people having weight loss problems and out of over 60% of the number that I interviewed, the problem was caused by bad diet. People are eating too much sugary and fat foods–or what we popularly call junks. It therefore gets increasingly difficult to get out of obesity since the food cravings are addictive. Other causes of weight problems include:

  1. Mothers have weight problems right after pregnancy and nursing
  2. Genetic obesity
  3. Low exercises

Weight loss solutions

Weight loss is a  hot cake online since everyone who owns a blog want to sell you their weight loss solutions. Interestingly, it is only very few people who will tell you the truth and sell you the right information. The internet has caused an information problem where we have too much information surrounding us. It gets even more difficult to know what to believe and what to ignore.

However with these phenq review weight loss pills, you are assured that your weight problems will be cured. Phenq has the best ingredients that will get you leaner and healthier in a matter of days.

Will Phenq help me lose obesity

Phenq will treat all forms of obesity be it that they were caused by poor feeding, low exercise levels, nursing and pregnancy or genetic obesity. Phenq is the right way to go since all you need is the pack that comes at low prices thanks to the phenq coupon codes and discounts. At the same time, it is made from natural raw materials making it an organic fat burner that will incinerate all the subcutaneous and visceral fats from your body.

Phenq Ingredients

Phenq is made with the following ingredients

Nopal: Nopal is a cactus like plant that is to be found in Mexico. In Mexican cultures, the vegetable can either be eaten raw or cooked. It is also used in soups and salads. They also give it to the animals.

It has been found that nopal helps one stay without food for long.


Caffeine, the same found in coffee is good for body thermogenesis. When your body wants to generate heat, it uses up energy. The energy is supplied when fats are oxidised and digested. According to, caffeine increases body thermogenesis from the normal 28% to 77% and as such you are sure to burn up more fats with caffeine in phenq.

Calcium Carbonate

Research shows that Calcium ions in low quantities are great for burning up fats and therefore the presence of calcium carbonate in phenq goes ahead to make it a great weight loss supplement.

Piperine extract

Piperine is nothing but pepper that helps in burning up fats.

Magnesium Stearate

Magnesium stearate does not really have weight loss benefits but acts as a lubricant during manufacture to keep the other ingredients together.

Chromium Piccolinate

This is naturally found in vegetables and acts as an anorectic therefore controlling how much food you eat. Medicinet however argues that taking anorectics might lead to dizziness, dry mouth as well as blurred vision

Capsicum extract

Another fat burner just like the piperine extract.