Reviewing the Gyenno Spoon for People With Parkinson’s Disease

Genuine Review of the Gyenno Parkinson’s Spoon

We have already looked at how PD patients can better their lives with compression vests that lower their anxiety levels. In today’s post, we will be looking at one of the most bought products by Parkinson’s patients; it is the smart spoon by Gyenno that has been said to be effective in lowering the hand tremors by 85%.

The Gyenno spoon has been said to be a great invention that has truly improved the lives of Parkinson’s patients.

Contents that Come to You when you buy this spoon

When you buy the Gyenno spoon from Amazon, expect the following to be delivered to you:

  • 1 Gyenno spoon
  • An intelligent hand shank
  • Charging cable and one charging box
  • A packing box

How to test whether you need to use Gyenno Spoon for Parkinson’s tremors

Not everyone with PD is suitable to use the gyenno dining spoon. If your tremors are just too much, then you might have to look for a caregiver to feed you. These spoons are not meant for people whose Parkinson’s disease has progressed so much as to lower their hand dexterity much.

So, we learn how you can test whether your patient will be viable to use the gyenno spoon.

  1. Take a white A4 paper
  2. Cut out a square box at the centre of the A4 sized paper measuring 7 inches by 7 inches. You will use a ruler and pair of scissors to do this.
  3. Hold out the A4 paper infront of the patient.
  4. Ask them to hold a pen and place it at the centre of the cut out paper.

If the tremors are so much as to have the person touching the edges of the 7 by 7 inches square, then their shaking is too much

If the person has tremors but does not touch the edges of the square with the pen, then they are good enough to use the gyenno anti-shake spoon.

What we loved about the Gyenno Spoon

  1. The spoon offsets 85% of your tremors thereby stabilizing your hand so that you do not have to tremor so much.
  2. It is made with Tritan safe materials and therefore the patient does not need to feel anxious while feeding with this spoon.
  3. The battery is sustainable and you can use it for two meals. It runs for a total of 180 minutes which would be sufficient to eat two or three meals even for the slowest of eaters.
  4. It has high temperature resistance and so you do not have to worry that your spoon might get destroyed while eating hot soup.

What I did not like about the Gyenno Parkinson’s spoon

  1. It was premium priced with the cost going for as much as $189 which is too high for some poor people who are battling with PD and on top of buying such utensils, they also have to buy levodopa, sinemet medications, think of going through DBS operations and get adaptive clothing to improve their lives.

I would rather advise my readers to check out other cheaper alternatives of  anti-shake spoons on Hosiped if they feel that the Gyenno spoon is rather too expensive