Bed bumpers for adult patients

After reading the bed entrapment standards that were laid down by the FDA and the Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup in 2006 about bed entrapment, I decided that it would be better safe than sorry. So, I decided to buy bed bumpers for my grannies hospital bed. But hey, the hustle that it took me to get one.

You see a bed bumper is a foamy cylindrical object that you place on either edge of the mattress so that your patient does not

  1. Fall over
  2. Get entrapped between the side rails or under the side rails against the mattress.

In the explanation videos of all the bumpers that I wanted to buy, the videos were really nice and explained how the bumper would would. I was however dissatisfied when the actual product arrived home. For one the product was not foamy as I had been led to believe. It was a piece of canvas tubing that I was supposed to pump air into so that it would increase in height and I would use it as the bumper.

The disappointment did not just stop there. It went on. I also found out that the canvas thing really smelled. Yes, it did stink badly and the patient would not stand it. So I tried to clean it but lo, it was all in vain. The bad odor still remained.

Since the patient would only puke when they came into close contact with it, I decided to use it on my own normal bed. And things went on well until I discovered that it made my skin itch. As though that was not enough, the canvas tubing began to shrank. Yes, I was so annoyed since even after pumping on it, it would not stay full since it had leaks on its seams.

I just felt as though I had been ripped off my hard earned money. So I contacted support and they were the slowest and unprofessional sales people that I have ever come across.

I would never advise anyone to buy those canvas tubing again. Never, if you want the best bed bumpers, look out for those that are made of foam and make sure that you get the foamy one. No BS.